Message From the Angels 103017

Angel Wings


Dear Ones,

Today we would like to offer you an experience. We see there are many who feel alone or feel as though you do not have anyone to turn to in a time of need or in times when you would just like to share a thought or an experience you just had.

With so many people in your world, on your earth, there are still so many who feel alone.

We want you to know we are here for you, always. We listen to all that you have to say and we love you.

Come with us on this journey:

  • Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.
  • Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful garden that feels sacred and inviting.
  • You are sitting on a bench near many flowers of all different colors. You are feeling totally relaxed. The bench is very comfortable.
  • As you are sitting there, taking in the wonderful scents of the flowers and feeling the soft breeze on your face, you are also noticing the vibrancy of all of the colors around you.
  • Then you realize there is someone sitting next to you on the bench – an Angel.
  • You feel a protective bubble has formed around you, though there is nothing to see, just the feeling. You feel so safe, so loved.
  • You can tell this Angel anything, anything about your day, about your life, about what is going well, about what isn’t going so well, about your hopes and dreams. They hear you, the see the true you. They listen.
  • There is a feeling of love like you’ve never known before wash over you and stay with you.
  • You feel heard, you feel loved, you feel safe.
  • The Angel will stay as long as you would like. You can share anything you want.
  • Ask the Angel any questions you would like as well.

Your Guardian Angels will do this with you for they are with you throughout your lifetime. There are many other of us who are happy to sit on the bench with you, listen to whatever it is you’d like to share and happy to offer any assistance if you’d like.

We are here for you, we love you and we love having conversations with you. We want you to feel love we have for you.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC

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One Response to Message From the Angels 103017
  1. Debby Taylor
    November 2, 2017 | 8:00 am

    Sue – Thanks to you and your angels for this! It is so replenishing to feel the love and support of our angels. I pray that all who read this can have a palpable sense of their angels from doing this exercise.

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