Message From the Angels 102915


Dear Ones,


Today we speak of balance. We have spoken of this before and we feel the need to mention it again.


As you go about your day, there may be things which throw you off center. It may be because of a comment someone makes or because you did not have enough sleep or maybe there was more sweets than typical. All of these things can get you off center.


If it is only a little bit, it’s very easy to get back into it. Many times sitting quietly and consciously breathing will easily bring you back into balance. At times you may want to sit a bit longer and along with your breathing notice what is going on around you – being present to the people or plants or animals chattering away or the spider out of the corner of your eye. Breathing and being present.


There may be times you feel the urge to write or stomp your feet or talk with a friend to get out, whatever it is that has you feeling off center. It is good to release what has you out of balance.


The more time you spend in balance, the quicker you are able to bring yourself back after something gets you off kilter. The more balanced your life is all around – career, family, fun, health – the easier it is to stay in balance.


Balance is also about your inner and outer worlds. If what you see in your outer world (those around you) appears to be out of balance, look within. Where are you out of balance?


If you feel out of balance:

  • pay attention to your breathing and notice how your body feels with each breath
  • be present with yourself
  • do the Holon of Balance exercise (link below)
  • call upon Angels to assist 

We are here for you and we love you.


~ Your Angels ~


Comments from Sue: There’s no mistake the Angels are bringing up balance. I recently remembered an exercise I had been doing several years ago. I haven’t done it in a long time and wanted to reread and start doing this exercise again and now have been for the last couple of weeks. It’s quick and easy and can be done in a flash. 


This is a from Tom Kenyon’s blog from February 3, 2007: “When I first received information about the Holon of Balance from the Hathors, I thought it was pretty simplistic. But sometimes the simple things are the best. There is no doubt in my mind that this Holon imparts a feeling of balance when it is engaged.”


Full blog and instructions to the Holon of Balance can be found at: Tom Kenyons site, blog title The Holon of Balance.


Angel Blessings to you.



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4 Responses to Message From the Angels 102915
  1. Krish & Bella
    October 28, 2015 | 7:45 pm

    Thank you…

    • Susanne Broome
      October 28, 2015 | 7:54 pm

      You are very welcome!!

  2. Debby Taylor
    January 12, 2016 | 8:11 am


    This is a truly fine message!

    I hope all is working out well with your transition from Spiritual Oasis.




    • Susanne Broome
      January 12, 2016 | 12:33 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Debby!!