Message From the Angels 102819

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

You are all undergoing your own transformations so this is what we would like to speak of this week.

Each of you experiences life in your own way. Even when there are several or even many who are seeing or feeling or hearing the same thing, you each experience and perceive it in your own way. You have your own filters you apply, and all of your past experiences which may come into play and so many other factors.

Some ways to move you through your transformations smoother and with ease and grace:

  • Call upon your own guardian angels and any other angels for assistance
  • Take time throughout your day to sit quietly, even if only for a few moments, and calm your breathing and be present 
  • Step out into nature and allow your stresses to be transmuted by Mother Earth, allowing yourself to be grounded in “this” moment
  • Look up to the skies and notice any cloud formations or the color of the sky
  • Grab a journal and allow yourself to express whatever is coming to you
  • Call and talk with a friend 
  • Sit quietly and “imagine” you are having a conversation with a Loved One who has passed and they are listening and comforting you with their smile

Any and all of these will help you with transformations and transitions of any kind. The more you have them in your life on a regular basis, the less high peaks and low valleys you will feel. Life’s transformations will feel much more steady and even.

We are here to assist in any way we can. All you need do is ask. We love you.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.

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