Meditate with the Angels

Meditate with the Angels is new on Thrive Talk Network. Every day on Thrive at 7am Eastern. Replays can be found on Thrive Talk Network's YouTube channel. Each meditation focuses on one card from The Integration Cards by Dyan Garris. These meditations are true healing coming through. It is Spirit channeling through me (unless specifically listed otherwise). I allow the words to come and flow…

These last few meditations can be found on Thrive Talk Network, Meditate with the Angels page:

4B Healthy Boundaries
11 – Alchemy

6 Transformation


13 Perspective


4A Compassion


8A Sacred Contracts


8B Soul's Journey


4C Joy


8C – Continuation


3B – Direction


7C – True Purpose card 


16 – Integration card 


15 – Success card – Manifestation meditation, Dyan Garris's manifestation meditation along with her music


7 – Higher Awareness card 


7B – Wholeness card

Special note – Each card (except for 15 – Success which we chose specific to the new year) are randomly chosen just before the meditation is recorded. Notice in some cases many of the same chakra are chosen within just a few weeks (7s and 8s). We are definitely in the upper realms. 








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