Make Today an Adventure


muleWouldn’t each day be fun if you treated it like an adventure? Especially if it’s a routine kind of day!


Decide where you’re to go, whether it be someplace new or someplace you’ve been before. Take along things that are necessary:

  • Water
  • Map / GPS
  • Hiking shoes
  • Coat
  • Snacks

It already sounds like fun to me. 🙂 


Plan your day right down to the exact route you’ll take or have a ballpark of an idea. Or you can just drive along and see where you’re guided to go.


This adventure I had somewhat of a plan. I had the general direction I was going. I hadn’t been to one area and I was somewhat familiar with the other. It’s always fun to explore new territory.
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So off I go. I’m just enjoying the sun and the scenery, heading for the unfamiliar first. I found one area that the scenery was just awesome except I couldn’t figure out how to get closer. And then I see a road so down I go.


Well, I get just so far and then the sign I see ‘Private Drive’. Bummer. I turn around.


I’m almost out to the main road again and what do I see – a horse? No. A donkey? No. It’s a mule. I had to get a picture! Check out those ears!


I pull over, roll down the window and start talking with him. He’s a ways away but the more I talk, the closer he comes until he’s right up by the fence.


He’s kind of leaning on the fence and I ask him nicely if he’d bring both ears forward so I could get a picture. And there you have it. A great picture of a mule with his ears nicely forward for the picture.


Isn’t he adorable?


Treat each day like an adventure:

  • Look around and notice your surroundings.
  • What new scenery is there for you to see?
  • What old scenery looks different?
  • What animals or birds might are there for you to enjoy?
  • Look to the sky, what do you see?

Go on your own adventure or start a ‘group adventure’. Add your findings to the comments below.


Angel Blessings to you.



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