Let’s Get Centered

ViolaHowdy Peeps!

Do you find yourself some days running from one things to the next, feeling frazzled? What about tripping over things or dropping things which neither is your norm? What about feeling a bit drained, physically as well as maybe energetically?

Let's get centered!

When you have so many things on your mind, it's like a piece of you leaves you to go out to that task, that thing that needs to be done or that place you need to be. So if you have 10 places you need to go, you could potentially be scattered to those 10 places.

If you find yourself feeling drained, it may be because your energy is elsewhere.

How do you get centered? Easy!

  • Stop what you're doing
  • Sit if possible (not absolutely necessary)
  • Close your eyes if possible (again, not absolutely necessary)
  • Take a deep breath, in through your nose
  • Hold for a count of 3
  • Breathe out, through your mouth
  • Take 2 more deep breaths
  • As you take the deep breaths, be conscious of what you are sitting on, of where you are, of the noises where you are – be present to the moment you are in as well as how you are feeling

Then continue on your day. And if you are having an extraordinary out of sorts day, you may want to do the previous steps several times throughout the day.

Angel Blessings to you.


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