Let’s Clear the Room

Howdy Peeps!

I am working with the 3 Light Beings of the Emissaries and here is what they wanted to share today.

Today we speak of love, love for yourself. This is where it starts. If you do not have love for yourself, you cannot love another. There was an earlier blog, Compassion Begins With Yourself, which speaks of this.  

Your thoughts have so much power. When they are positive, loving thoughts, they can do positive and loving things for yourself and others. And when they are judgmental or anger filled, they also have an impact on yourself and others.

Imagine a room filled with smoke, so much smoke you cannot see past your hand and you can barely breathe. Let's say the smoke is judgement or anger with yourself.

What happens if you turn a fan on? Yes, the smoke starts to clear, slowly. So let's say turning the fan on is 'catching yourself' thinking the thought of self-judgement.

What happens if you also open a window? Yes, the smoke clears faster. So let's say opening a window is thinking a positive thought (the opposite of your self-judgement).

What happens if you also open the doors at the front and the back of the room? The smoke is soon gone. So let's say repeating the positive thoughts, several times daily, for 21 days (to form a new habit) is you opening the front and back door of your mind.

Let's turn on the fan, open the window and the doors. Let's clear our minds of the stinkin' thinking' (coined by Charles 'Tremendous' Jones). Let's start by catching ourselves thinking the negative thoughts of self-judgement before we find ourselves in a smoke filled room.

The longer you have a smoke filled room, the more damage it does. It gets into the material of things, it gets into the carpet. It gets into everything.

What type of damage is your negative thinking causing? What will it take for you to clear your room of smoke and keep the windows and doors open?

Loving yourself starts with your thoughts! Have the reminders around you to catch yourself. Or maybe it's others around you that could use your positive influence.

Here's the blog with the Daily Checklist from last year. Print it out! Display it on your desk so others can see it. Share it with others and see who can check all the items.

If you'd like another version, here's a special page with only the checklist. Share it with others.

Angel Blessings to you.


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