Lend A Helping Hand


BB & BbtHowdy Peeps!


Big Bird and Babette may look like they're early trick or treaters, but they're just prepared to lend a helping hand. 🙂


Are you in need of a helping hand? I think at times in our lives each of us are in need of assistance of one kind or another. Sometimes we know where to turn to ask for help, other times we don’t. And sometimes we just don’t or won’t or forget to ask.


When help is offered, are you able to accept the lending hand or do you say ‘nah, I don’t need it’ and try to tough it out alone? Only to realize later that you really could have used the help.


Let’s turn it around. Do you offer assistance when you see another in need? If you know someone needs help and you have the time and know-how to help them, do you offer to help?


More times than not we are willing to help another but won’t accept the help ourselves.


Try these over the next week or so and see if you notice anything different with yourself afterwards:

  • When someone pays you a compliment, say ‘thank you’ and smile
  • When someone holds the door for you, say ‘thank you’ and walk through it
  • When you are offered assistance with something you’ve been working on and still having problems, say ‘thank you, yes, I will accept your help’

Today I am feeling gratitude for the help I have asked for and received. It’s amazing how that works. You ask, and the help is there.


Thank you. Thank you for the people that have shown up in my life today. Thank you for the help I have graciously received today. I am grateful.


Angel Blessings to you.



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