I recently attended a poetry reading. There were people reading poems they had written over the years, inspired by their children’s blankets, the loss of their pets and by the words from their hearts to their minds.


There was beautiful music performed with a guitar and a Native American flute.


Inspiration comes differently to everyone that was there sharing their creations. It may strike you first thing in the morning or at different times throughout the day.


One by one they would come up in front of the group and recite their poem or play their music. No one seemed nervous. They each seemed to go into their music, whether it was with words or strings or holes within the wood.


They gave from their hearts and it was heard with our ears, our minds and our hearts as well. Some closed their eyes to soak in the beauty as it flowed.


What brings you inspiration? If you’re feeling stuck, here are a few things that may assist:

  • A walk in nature
  • Some instrumental music
  • Meditation
  • A nice cup of tea
  • Watching animals or children play
  • A nap

Inspiration is divine guidance, coming through in as many ways as there are people.


Angel Blessings to you.



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