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This week I decided to come up with a new acronym for IRS. I decided this while I was on the phone with them (for about the umpteenth time over the last few months), listening to their wonderful muzak.


At first I was frustrated and annoyed. I didn’t let those emotions take over though. I was gently reminded by Spirit, I am love and light. We are all love and light


I let myself be with the love and light I am and be with the love and light of the Divine and I was calm and centered in no time.


The people I’ve spoken with over the past months have (most of them) been quite nice and have been (for the most part) helpful. They are love and light also and I’m sure they are doing the best they can with the information they have.


The people or things or organizations that annoy us or frustrate us have the most to teach us. So thank you IRS, for reminding me of the love and light I am.


I R S – I Respect Self or I R S – I Reward Self.


I’m sure there are many other acronyms for the IRS that have a much higher vibration. Please share  any names you come up with.


Angel Blessings to you.



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