Happy 1-Year Anniversary Blog

Granite DellsHappy Anniversary to my blog! 🙂

I remember the first blog I sent out to the world like it was yesterday. I had it all set to go. I was excited but also shaking a bit. It was showing a side of me, to others, that I hadn't revealed except to close friends. I had it saved for at least a day before I clicked on the 'Post to the World' button.


Some of you are probably saying 'what's the big deal?'


Doing a blog to me is about revealing more of who you are, not to just your close circle of friends, but to anyone who reads it. And I do have people from around the world who read and pass my blog on to others, thanks to Twitter.


Did I ever tell you why I started doing a blog in the first place? Well, here's why:

  • I wanted you to 'see' and 'feel' deep into my soul
  • I wanted you to be inspired by what I wrote
    • in ways that maybe you would take steps out of your comfort zone
    • in ways you may reveal more of your inner-self
    • in ways you may realize you have an awesome spark of loving light inside you
    • in ways you would in turn inspire another 
  • I wanted you to know that it's OK and it’s safe to be afraid, tearful, angry – whatever the emotion, because it's all part of you, part of me
  • I wanted you to look at the world as a hopeful place, a place of excitement, of joy, of wonderment
  • To give you courage to follow one of your unrealized dreams
  • To live in the moment and to know that right now is all there is
  • To allow you to see levels of acceptance with life and with the people in your life, and with yourself
  • I wanted you to know that each day, one step at a time, is all we need, to get to our next step. And sometimes a step may feel as though there is a deep chasm under our foot, but it’s OK because you (and I) have faith and trust that there will be solid footing 

I think it's appropriate that I'm writing this in a newly found coffee shop (with free Wi-Fi) called: Step One Coffee House (www.steppingstonesaz.org – it reaches many affected by domestic abuse). 

My 'step one' was sending my blog out for the first time a year ago. And today, many steps later, I'm living in Arizona, many miles away from where I started, continuing to reveal more of who I am in the hopes that it will inspire you or the person you forward this to.


What is your step one? Tell me in the comments below if you're to share – with the world.


Love and light and Angel Blessings to you.




2 Responses to Happy 1-Year Anniversary Blog
  1. Katherine
    September 21, 2012 | 8:57 am

    Life is interesting and a sequence of opportunities just presented themselves to me to do a final negative energy clearing. WHEW. Wolves dressed in lamb’s clothing have with Magi gifts have all been removed. Today marks a great new beginning.

    • Susanne Broome
      September 21, 2012 | 11:05 am

      Oh my! I had the same thing done to my house/lot – energy clearing – this morning. And WHEW is so right. AND, there are definite endings going on right now – making way for the new beginnings that I’m getting glimpses of.

      Oh Katherine, exciting things on the horizon. I see you dancing in the moonlight – with yourself. This is a new beginning of seeing/feeling the connection you have with you.

      Hugs to you!!