The Green I Know


If you are reading this on Monday, March 17, then it’s St Patrick's Day!! I personally do not have any Irish in me (that I know of), so I’m going to share about the ‘green I know’.


Oh, and Happy St Patrick's Day :)!


Archangel Raphael, has a wonderful emerald green energy that is very healing. Archangel Raphael is available to surround you with his healing energy, anytime you need. All you need to do is ask.


Archangel Raphael is here for all of us, when we call upon him.


If you have a physical issue, call upon Archangel Raphael. Imagine the emerald green healing energy surrounding your issue – it may be a leg, an arm or even an organ such as your liver. Imagine this wonderful healing surrounding you and allow yourself to receive the love and the healing that comes from Archangel Raphael.


If you have an emotional issue, call upon Archangel Raphael. Whatever the emotion that may be coming up, imagine it wrapped in a loving ball of Raphael’s green healing energy.


Archangel Raphael is also about falling in love, marriage and families. And he can assist with our dreams and hopes. You can have any of these situations surrounded in the loving, healing energy of Archangel Raphael.


If the color you see when you call upon Archangel Raphael is not green, that’s OK. Green is the most common color associated with him, but the most important thing is to go with your own intuition. So if the color you see when you are working with Archangel Raphael is purple, you go with what you feel for you.


When you call upon Archangel Raphael, you can say something like:

Archangel Raphael,


I call upon you now, for assistance with ‘whatever you need’. Please surround me with your loving, green healing energy.


Thank you Archangel Raphael.

Angel Blessings to you.



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