Fun, Healing and Realizations


me & dogsFirst the fun…


What a great week!!! It was a very interesting week! A lot of fun and a lot of healing and realizations. This was a week ago already, but the memories and healing remain.


It was fun because I had a chance to see some friends from WI who were visiting down in Phoenix. It worked out perfectly that three different friends were in Phoenix for each of their own reasons. It all worked out perfectly, that I was able to spend time with each of them over a 2 day period.


Thank you Divine. Thank you Angels, for all of the puzzle pieces to fall into place.


Now for the healing…


The healing theme for me that week started with my 12 year old self. When I was 12, we had two black labs. I remember seeing them get hit by a car. They were both OK after that, but I think my cousin can probably still remember the scream that came out of my mouth. Yes, I saw the dogs running across the street and I saw the car coming and I saw them get hit.


The following year my Mom passed. I saw her have the accident and I remember the last time I saw her before the ambulance came.


One of the dogs, who had been hit the year before, was my best friend at the time. The dog was there when I needed a shoulder to cry on and was the one who listened and the one I would tell all my woes to.


And one year later we gave the dogs away. No, they were not old, they were given to two different families for reasons I really don’t know. One went several hours away and the other went across town and apparently came back home a couple of times.


It was the first time the mother and daughter (yes, the dogs) had been separated. Hmmm, any correlation there?


On to the realizations…


The 12 year old young girl Sue, needed love and needed to know she was and is safe. She had seen her dogs get hit by a car.


The 13 year old young girl Sue, needed love, and needed to know she was and is not abandoned, ever. She had seen her mother have an accident and cross over two days later.


The 14 year old young girl Sue, needed love and to know she (herself) is always there for her. Her best friend (her dog) was given away.


I was able to take care of myself and give each young girl the love they needed. I was able to let the 12, 13 and 14 year old each know I love them, I am here and I am always with them. I am here for them, I am here for me.


We all have experiences that shape us into who we are. We have people and animals who are with us at different times in our lives. They hopefully show us we are cared for and loved. They come in and out of our lives.


One constant we all have all the time is ourselves. We have the Divine, we have the Angels. Always.


Show yourself love. Do this in a meditation where you imagine you the adult taking care of you the child. Do something extra special for yourself, whatever that may be for you.


One great way to show your child-self love is to post a picture of you at a very young age. Each time you see your younger self, send love to you, that young child. Imagine you are holding your younger self, letting that child know you are there, you care, you love them. Send love to you and the situation.


You may be amazed at what you’ll notice transpire around you.


Angel Blessings to you.



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10 Responses to Fun, Healing and Realizations
  1. Cheryl Thomas
    March 4, 2013 | 1:40 pm

    Thanks for sharing your story of fun and healing. Realizations are powerful when used!

    • Susanne Broome
      March 4, 2013 | 3:57 pm

      Two key words Cheryl – ‘when used’ 🙂 Yes, that’s the key. And there sound my magical chimes for confirmation!

  2. Madonna
    March 4, 2013 | 1:41 pm

    Hi Sue,

    I like the ways you have of healing the inner child. All of the photos from our childhood were abandoned/left behind when my mother escaped from my father, otherwise i would use that idea.

    Thanks for sharing that poignant story.

    • Susanne Broome
      March 4, 2013 | 3:58 pm

      Madonna, you may want to do a meditation about some of your earlier memories. You may be amazed at what comes up with the pictures in your mind. 🙂

  3. Sabrina
    March 4, 2013 | 1:43 pm

    What a touching post.

    • Susanne Broome
      March 4, 2013 | 3:58 pm

      Thank you Sabrina.

  4. Bonnie Gean
    March 4, 2013 | 3:27 pm

    I try not to think of things from the past, especially the hurtful ones. I can’t stand feeling sickly and ill over something I can’t never change.

    Though, I can control whether I choose to remember or to forget and in the case of death (and loss), who wants to remember that? 🙂

    I lost my father 2 days before my birthday 6 years ago. My birthday is next week and while I remember the hurt I felt at the time of his passing, I can’t change it – nor will I let it affect the celebration of my birthday.

    Sound cold? Maybe… but it protects me from the hurt I don’t wish to endure. 🙁

    • Susanne Broome
      March 4, 2013 | 4:01 pm

      Everyone looks at things differently. My belief is when we don’t look at things, they’ll come up in one way or another. With your Dad, his passing was a celebration on the other side. I feel the day my Mom left was her graduation and I choose to celebrate it and honor her on that day. Everyone looks at things differently. 🙂

  5. Chef William
    March 6, 2013 | 8:04 pm

    I had a very hurtful younger life and do not like going back there. There were some good times and I will go there once in a while to share with my wife, but the painful part of my past I try to avoid. I have been very lucky to have such a great guardian Angle or I never would have made it.

    • Susanne Broome
      March 6, 2013 | 8:09 pm

      Thanks Chef William. Something you can do without going back is send love & light & healing to your childhood 🙂 I’m glad your Guardian Angel has your back!!