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I was part of a Ladies Go Live 30 day challenge in March – April of 2018. It was a lot of fun. For the 30 days (except for Sundays) I decided to do a Tip of the Day and an Inspirational Card. They are all available on my YouTube channel, if you’d like to see me using some of the filters. The last few days was when I used them the most and really had a lot of fun.

I thought some of you may want to listen to them as an mp3 so here’s a list for you to either listen to or download. To download, R-click (on the link) then download or save as.


Tip 1

Tip 2

Tip 4 (there was no Tip 3)

Tip 5

Tip 6

Tip 7

Tip 8

Tip 9

Tip 11 (there was no Tip 10)

Tip 12

Tip 13

Tip 14

Tip 15

Tip 16

Tip 18 (there was no Tip 17)

Tip 19

Tip 20

Tip 21

Tip 22

Tip 23

Tip 25 (there was no Tip 24)

Tip 26

Tip 27

Tip 28

Tip 29

Tip 30