You Found It!


Are you searching for something? Do you ever feel like it’s just around the corner or it’s at the next store or you’ll learn what you need to with the next mentor in your life?


What if YOU are who YOU are searching for? Well, today’s Angel Card, from Saints & Angels deck* is here to tell us all You Found It!


The Angels are here to tell you to stop. Stop searching. Look in the mirror. You Found It! 


Look within for the answers you seek. Take the time to listen to what is in your heart. Take the time to hear what your higher self has to say, your inner spirit, your inner knowing.


If there is something else you are searching for, maybe that perfect career, or a romantic partner, or the house you’re supposed to live next, you can call on St Anthony of Padua to assist you.


St Anthony is wonderful at helping us find things, as is Archangel Chamuel. And if you call upon them both, you would have quite the dynamic duo. 🙂


Whether it’s spiritual answers you seek, or where you are to go next on your journey, it’s wonderful to know you have such wonderful beings you can seek guidance from and call upon.


And whether calling on the Angels for assistance, or listening to a friend, know that you can take that knowledge within and if it feels right for you, that’s what matters. If it doesn’t feel right with you, it’s OK to discard.


You Found It!


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC 



*Created by Doreen Virtue


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