Feeling Invisible


I was having a conversation with a friend recently. They shared with me that once they turned 65, people started treating them like they were invisible. And as they get older, it seems to have gotten worse. They laughed about it though I don’t know they really felt it was funny.


It was a curious comment to me and yet I had to ask myself if I do that. I don’t think so. It is something I will pay much closer attention to though, making sure I don’t do that.


Let’s all pay closer attention to it. Reach out to another, no matter whether their an elder or a child or whatever ag. Let's help so no one feels invisible.

  • When you look in someone’s eyes and smile, it brings out a smile in them.
  • When you hold the door for another, they appreciate it.
  • When you allow someone to go in front of you in a long line at the bank, they really appreciate it.

Let’s all do our part so others feel like they are being seen.


Angel Blessings to you,



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