Express Love Through Gifts

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I chose a card* for today’s blog. Express Love Through Gifts.


Expressing your love for someone through a gift is not about the monetary value of the gift. It’s about the love behind it. 


A gift to show someone you care can be a note left in their briefcase or lunch letting them know you love them. You could mail someone a card with a handwritten note inside that goes through the mail. Cards in the mail are getting fewer and fewer.


You could make someone a special CD with all of their favorite songs. You could go for a walk with them and be present and in the moment. Or plan a special meal or clean up the dishes after dinner.


You could get your creative juices flowing and make them something special whether it be a drawing, writing a poem or making a do-it-yourself craft.


Any of these are something that costs your time and maybe a small amount of money. 


Many times, the best gift is you spending time, quality time, with those you love. Do include yourself in the mix.


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC


*Whispers of Love by Angela Hartfield & artwork by Josephine Wall

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