Rock up hill behind house

I went on a little hiking adventure this afternoon. I didn’t have to drive anywhere. I went across the street and up a hill. 


I had been up there before and the views are wonderful. The sun was shining warmly and there was a nice breeze. I got up the hill and then climb to be even taller on top of a large rock. 


Then I came across an area that looked like a circle of piled rocks almost like someone had done it on purpose. Who knows when or how long ago. Inside the circle it was maybe 10-12’ across. 


This could have been a place for ceremonies long ago, it could be a sacred space built. And it was just up the hill from where I’m living.


The land here has much wisdom and I feel much love. The wonderful boulders are here to support us in many ways. Sometimes the support is from sitting on them. Sometimes the support comes from stepping on one to get to another. And sometimes the support comes from the knowledge held within from forever ago.


What areas do you have very close to your house? Are there places to go exploring and maybe look at things in a different way? Climb a hill, cross the street just to see things differently than you normally do.


Someone said to me recently to look at things from upside down. I’ll add to that to look at things from above, from below, from beside, from within.


The rocks in the top picture are behind the house. They’re up a hill and until today, I’ve never seen them from the other side.


The panoramic picture below is of the sacred circle of rocks I found just across the street up the hill.


Go exploring near and far. See how things look different and see what sacred place you may find.


Angel Blessings to you.



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Pano view of rock circle


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