Expansion of Your Loving Energy


We can influence those around us by our energy, by what we do with our energy, how we share it and how much we share of it.


Here’s an exercise you can do at home and then out among others. Watch and see the impact you have on those around you.


  • Find a quiet location where you can spend a few minutes.
  • Close your eyes and notice your breathing.
  • Now focus on your light, your loving spirit, your caring self within.
  • Imagine it like the light of a lantern shining.
  • Expand your love by imagining you are turning your lantern light brighter. 
  • Expand your energy, your loving light your spirit, all from within.
  • Hold the expansion for a few moments.
  • Now bring your energy back in.


Put your ‘observer’ hat on and see what you notice:

  • How does it feel?
  • Did you notice a warmth, an expansion within your body?
  • Did you get a smile on our face?

Next, do this same expansion of your loving energy in a location where there are other people. Some situations that would be great places to do this and ‘notice’ the shift with others:

  • The line at the grocery store or bank.
  • Just before you're going into a meeting and during the meeting.
  • At the movies.
  • When you are stuck in traffic or sitting at a stop light.

What do you notice happening to the people who may be standing or sitting near you? Do they start acting nicer? 


What do you notice with the traffic? Does it flow easier?


Now do the same thing and focus sharing and sending your loving energy, your expansion, to Mother Earth or someone who isn't feeling well or someone you may see walking along the street.


This is something you can do for you! This is something you can do for others you work with, or those you don’t know but are sharing space with (in the check out line or on the road).


You do make a difference. You can have an impact. Share your love, your light, the wonderful being you are.


Angel Blessings to you.



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