Emotional Sensitivity

Emotional SensitivityA couple of years ago I had been doing an Angel Card reading for a friend of mine. She was amazed over and over again how the cards that showed up in the reading were so right on to what her question was and to what was going on in her life.

My answer was ‘you just can’t make this $hit up’. The Angels know, and you get the cards with the answers you need, with the confirmation you need, with simply, what you need.

That continues to hold true.

The card for the week is Emotional Sensitivity. The Angels know…

Just before I drew the card, I posted a message on Facebook: 

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are being given and giving the best, warmest, most loving hug you have ever felt or received.

And know that it is being received and sent back to you 1000-fold.

Then I drew the card, Emotional Sensitivity.

What the Angels are telling us is we have every right to feel what we feel and it is safe to feel what we feel. When we feel like crying, let it out and cry. The tears are a cleansing. Not only are you able to really feel the feelings, but you are also able to clear out those old emotions that have been dammed up and stored in your body. When we cry, it’s another way to release toxins that have been in our bodies.

When we are feeling sad or happy or joyful or maybe not even knowing what we are feeling, it’s OK and it’s safe. We don’t have to hide how we are feeling.

Emotional Sensitivity also has to do with the emotional highs. I was on a high all day Saturday. I met a lot of wonderful people, I did a 30-40 minute talk on Signs From Your Loved Ones which was so much fun. Near the end of the day I was slowly coming down from the high. 

Honor and respect the highs and the lows and everything in between in your life. They aren’t good or bad, they just are. They are a part of who we are.

Look at the picture and see how the Angel is holding herself. She’s safe, tucked in a tree with her wings around her. The tree is even holding her very protected.

You can feel the love from the Angels, just like the hug in the message I posted on Facebook. Close your eyes and feel the safety, feel the love.

As you go about your week, know it is safe to feel your emotions. Honor them and respect them, as you would a close friend.

Angel Blessings to you.


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