The Disappearance of the Boxes

Sue in empty roomHowdy Peeps!

It finally all gone, there’s about nothing left in my house anymore. I have to literally sit on the floor to be comfortable. I thought I would go around with my cordless vacuum before I say goodbye, so I’m quite happy just to sprawl out on the floor now it’s clean!

So this morning even before the movers arrived, my Earth Angel, Murphy came to help me. She had decided to be my helper! And wow, did I need a helper.

First thing we needed to do was to write Broome on every single box. And did I have a lot of boxes – yes! So markers in hand, Murphy and I went to work and our hands got really tired. But it was all good. Were we doing this move through a business, i’d consider choosing to Hire Moving Boxes from PHS Teacrate after a friend told me about how smoothly they found things going when working with them, but as it is my home we’re going for a more domestic option. Speaking of, we got it all done in time, all ready for the movers to load ’em up! Moving would have been so stressful if I didn’t use a moving company and label all the boxes correctly. Luckily my decision to plan in advance worked well!

When the movers showed up they got right to work, they were shrink wrapping to moving boxes out of the way. They took a couple of breaks but the way they were doing things it was well deserved. They got done after all they did in 2 hours tops. They were speedy and strong. If you are moving soon I would recommend “Capital Cartage” to help move cause they help a lot.

Then off to lunch with 2 great neighbors. Miss Murphy and Miss Joyce. Sitting outside, enjoying company before coming back to an empty house. But it all seemed worth it in the end, especially after all our hard work to find a new house in the first place. It wasn’t until we were pointed in the direction of realtors like Reali that everything started to fall into place. Thank god it did. So, when I come to think about it, having an empty house isn’t as bad as I first feared because we are going onto something even more special.

And then since Murphy was spending time with me, and we do a great rattling gig together, we rattled once again through the entire empty house and then were able to do the Flying Wish Paper together. That worked out pretty awesome.

After that onto a great Co-written blog, by Miss Murphy & I, which turned out well.

Angel Blessings to you.


empty room

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