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You may remember a blog I had done on Competition. I felt as though I needed to add more to the story but wanted it to be on the cooperation, where competition leaves off according to Franklin D Roosevelt. This also goes with what the Angels pointed out to us: Be there for each other, lend a hand to another.

Couple on RR Tracks, from Corbis ImagesThis image is something that comes to mind when I think of cooperation. It is something that makes logical sense, easy to understand and you really don't need any words explaining the picture. And, if you've ever tried walking on railroad tracks alone, you'll know it's much easier when someone is walking with you. 🙂

The other thing that comes to mind is a story about Heaven and Hell. I don't remember where I heard it originally, and when I searched for it, I found it but the author was unknown. I'll tell you the version I remember.

A man is searching for the meaning of heaven and hell. He decides to ask Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel takes him down a long, wide hallway. At the end of the hallway there are 2 doors, one on each side of the hallway.

Gabriel asks the man to open one of the doors and tell him what he sees.

He opens the first door and sees a long banquet table filled with food. There are wonderfully prepared dishes from many different countries. There are huge baskets of fresh fruits as well as a large bowl with salad galore. The table looks wonderful and has an aroma that is tantalizing to his tastebuds.

He sees people on each side of the table and they appear to be waiting to feast on the wonderful banquet. Each person has a very large, very long handled fork next to them.

He describes what he sees and says "this must be heaven". The food looks fabulous and there is plenty enough food for everyone. Though he was a bit confused because the people did not appear to be happy. In fact, they looked unhappy. And no one was talking. The man was especially confused because they also looked hungry which made no sense.

Gabriel asks the man to open the other door and tell him what he sees.

The man opens the next door and looks. The table is identical to the first. The food also appears to be identical and the aroma is wonderful. There are people as there were before and the very large, very long forks.

He looks at Archangel Gabriel and describes the table and the food. Then he describes the people. In this room there is laughter, there is the feeling of joy. People seem to be having a family reunion in this room.

The man asks Archangel Gabriel why the people look unhappy in one room and happy in the other if they have all this wonderful food.

Gabriel explains in the first room, there is no trust, no cooperation, no sharing of self with each other. And the forks were so large and the handles too long that the people could not feed themselves.

In the second room, the people love and care for each other. They share their stories of appreciation with each other. And they cooperate and help the people across from them to eat. So everyone is well fed in many ways.

Look at the people in your lives. Do you cooperate and help each other? Do you trust the person across the table will help with the nourishment you need? Do you feed each others' soul with your words?

Angel Blessings to you.


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