Connecting with Nature

IMG_5895It does not matter where you are, it does not matter how much time you have. It does not matter at what location you are.


Get outside in nature. Look around, feel the sun, the wind, the earth beneath your feet.


It does not matter whether you have shoes on that are covering your feet, or sandals showing your toes. It does not matter if you are barefoot or in moccasins. 


Get outside and find a space where you are able to look up and see the sky through the trees. Look around where you can see the jagged edges of rock on the side of the hill. Look where you can see the dirt sliding down the side of the hill.


Look to see if there are flowers just starting to bloom, sprouts just coming up or little seedlings coming up from the ground. Look to see what you can see.


Stand in one place and turn and stop and look. Look up at the sky and at the tops of the trees. Look down to Mother Earth and see what you can see. Look at the space in between to see how far you can see.


Then turn slowly around and continue to look up, look down and everywhere in between.


Look at the trees, look through the trees, look beyond the trees… Can you see the sky? Can you see the sun? Can you see a bird? Look at nature and see all that you can see.


See the beauty with every step.


Look below near your feet. Is there a rock that is cut to the shape of your foot? Are there sticks laying in the shape of anything you recognize?


What do you see?


There is a message in everything. Do you see it? Do you know what the message is? Pay attention… Do you know what it is? Pay attention…


Angel Blessings to you.



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