Compassion Begins With Yourself

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Over the last  few weeks, a message that comes up over and over in my channel writings and meditations is compassion. If you look the word up in the dictionary, it talks of sympathy, sorrow, stricken by misfortune, alleviate suffering. It all sounds pretty painful.

I asked others what compassion meant to them. The responses I've received were from people all over the US but there is a theme of love that seems to be in all of them (if you'd like to add your response, please do in the comment area below):

  • equality and understanding
  • the more you plant in the hearts of others, the more will grow in your own life
  • one of the most important crops we grow
  • being there and listening with an open heart

I want to share the information on compassion I've been receiving through my channel writings:

Compassion begins with yourself. Feel it in your heart. Love your body. Love who you are. Trust where you are going. Have faith in the bricks you are laying for your foundation.

Honor yourself, honor where you are, honor what you do, honor what you need for it is what is needed. Everyone must do for themselves first. This is a benefit to the whole. It spreads the more you honor yourself. 

I love this great reminder. We must treat ourselves with respect and love. And honor the things we have accomplished in our life as well as the mistakes. Honor where we are, what we have learned, what we bring to the table! 

How often are we speaking down to ourselves about what we have done, what we have eaten, what we didn't do, what we feel we should have done and the list goes on.

Would you talk to someone else the way you talk to yourself? Many of us – no, we wouldn't. 

Another way we discredit ourselves and not show compassion (for ourselves) is when we look for others' approval. What I mean by this is we seek what someone else's 'opinion is' or their 'approval of' something and give their opinion or approval more weight than our own.

How can we be more compassionate with ourselves and with others? This is what has been shared with me:

Feel the joy in your heart first, then speak to the other (or yourself). Speak from a place of joy and love when you are bringing up topics that may cause disharmony. End with a comment of gratitude.

Another explanation of how to have more compassion, for yourself or others:

Imagine a time of pure love and speak the words through this, from this place of pure love. This applies to any situation.

What I get from these are, if you are in a situation, with another or yourself, where you aren't feeling compassion or you just don't know what to say, think of something or someone that brings you joy. And as you feel the joy, the love, in your body, in your cells, then is the time to speak to the person or yourself. It's as if the words will be infused with joy and love because of the feelings you are having. 

Today I asked for any additional information to be shared on compassion and this is what I received:

Open your heart and you shall receive. Keep your heart valve open so love flows freely in and out. Balance is needed. There is compassion in no words as well.

The love we give to ourselves and others needs to be in balance with the love we receive from others. Allow love to come into your life and accept it graciously.

And the last word on compassion was silence – because sometimes compassion comes without words but just in your presence.

I would love to hear your comments on what compassion means to you and what you do to show compassion for yourself or others. Please add them in the comment section below.

Angel Blessings to you. 


2 Responses to Compassion Begins With Yourself
  1. Gail Engebretson
    April 12, 2012 | 5:50 pm

    Love your message today! In my field of weight loss and management this concept and understanding is such a critical piece for most everyone. It’s a lesson I’ve been working on since starting my journey of maintaining my weight loss 7 years ago. It has been key for me. I’m still learning and I appreciate the reminder you gave me here.

    • Susanne Broome
      April 12, 2012 | 6:21 pm

      Thank you Gail. I appreciate your words. I think this is also a lesson I’ve been working on for quite some time so the reminders along the way are always good. Sue