Center of the Universe



This stone, yes, it’s a crystal, the Chrysanthemum, makes me think of a starburst in the center of the universe. 


It’s got some awesome properties. This sounds like it – it’s a stone that assists with remaining centered and in the present moment. And at the same moment, encourages us to bloom.


Isn’t that beautiful! 


It’s a very peaceful stone and as many crystals do, encourages us to re-awaken our child-like awe and to look upon things with the child-like wonder we were brought into this world with.


Look into the picture at the Chrysanthemum Stone and what do you see? 

  • Do you feel a sense of peace and harmony? 
  • Do you feel as if there’s a part of you ready to blossom and share your gifts with others?
  • Does it build your confidence or do you feel you are able to see the bigger picture in life?

These are all qualities of the Chrysanthemum Stone as well.


If you can’t find one to set on your desk or a smaller one to have in your pocket, feel free to print this picture out and pin it up. The properties of the stone are in the intent. So set the intent that you’ll use the picture until you are able to find the actual stone.


Angel Blessings to you.



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