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Toxic Relationships

levitra originale consegna veloce Howdy Peeps! A friend brought up the topic of 'toxic relationships' so I asked in my meditation the last couple of days for information. Here is what I've received, some reasons for them as well as what to do to help and here is a picture which reflects the toxic effects on the flower. Toxic…

adrenal gland lasix menopause retention water Continue Reading »

Let’s Clear the Room

follow url Howdy Peeps! I am working with the 3 Light Beings of the Emissaries and here is what they wanted to share today. Today we speak of love, love for yourself. This is where it starts. If you do not have love for yourself, you cannot love another. There was an earlier blog, Compassion Begins With Yourself, which speaks of… Continue Reading »

Intention Howdy Peeps! I was guided to come to one of my favorite places to eat, have a cup of coffee and write today's blog. It wasn't raining when I decided to leave, but that's OK. It's still warm and I have a raincoat. 🙂 Before I get into the topic of intention today, I want… Continue Reading »

Family Beliefs Howdy Peeps!!! Wow, it's so amazing how things come up during the week. Sometimes I don't know until after this is written, what it will be about. And sometimes it comes up days earlier, in several ways, what it will be. The Angels work their magic, that's for sure. I want to talk about beliefs… Continue Reading »

Just send Love…

source link Have you ever had a day where you feel great!!! You've been doing positive affirmations every day, and you've been writing in your gratitude journal each morning and again at night. Things are going fantabulous! And then, it's like you walked through a dirt cloud of some kind. It reminds me of Pig Pen from… Continue Reading »