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Hello From Heaven

lasix taken with musinex Our Loved Ones want us to know they are with us, watching over us, loving us, are still involved with our day to day lives. The are sending us signs anyway they can.   What has been happening more and more is in the Angel Card readings I am doing, 'your' Loved Ones are coming… Continue Reading »


viagra generico pagamento online a Firenze Today I pulled a card from the Angel Therapy* deck. I love Angel Therapy – that’s why I became an Angel Therapy Practitioner® under Doreen Virtue’s training. I have loved working with the Angels for many years.   I had the intention that this card have a message for everyone who reads this, whether it’s…

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Spring Has Officially Sprung As I'm sitting in the backyard writing this blog, I notice the slight scent of lilacs. I love lilac bushes. I had them on every corner of my house in Madison. I could have any window in the house open and still be able to smell them. Ahhh.   I get myself situated with my… Continue Reading »

Message From the Angels 121114

go here Dear Ones,   During this season, this time of year, many of you take on more stress than usual.    More parties to go to, out of town guests arriving, extra things to take care of and more places to have a plate of food to take. These are all things that add to your…

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comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Venezia I chose a card from the Flower Therapy deck*. I wanted a card vibrant and bright so this seemed like the perfect deck. And it is the perfect card.   We are all connected. Our Loved Ones are ‘with us’ through our connection of the heart. If they are here in the physical, that is wonderful….

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Message From the Angels 10914

viagra super active women Dear Ones,   You are a being of love. Everyone, every human being, every animal, is a being of love. It does not matter whether you are in the physical or you have returned to spirit. You are a being of love.   What does this mean and why are we reminding you of this?…

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Message From the Angels 80714

  Dear Ones,   Today we speak of love, the love you have with your Loved Ones who are no longer in the physical.   The love you have with another does not ever go away. Just because one of you is no longer in the physical, the love is still present. It has an…


Numbers are probably the number one sign (pun intended!) my Loved Ones show up for me in my life. 642 is significant to me because it is Mom's month and birth year. Numbers are all around us. We have the obvious with the digital clocks, which are all around us, on the wall, on the computer,…

Sound the Chimes

In my recent book, Signs From Your Loved Ones, I talk about the sound of chimes being a possible sign from your Loved Ones. In my house, it certainly is – a sign from either my Loved Ones or Angels. What I notice is the house can be quite quiet and then all of a…

Bursting With Excitement

  As some of you may know, I am now a published author. Yes, my book Signs From Your Loved Ones is now available. Currently it is through Amazon Kindle (or if you have the iPad Kindle app). It will soon be available in print and other e-book versions as well.   I am flying…