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Message From the Angels 51021

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we would like to remind you that we love you! Some of you know this. Some do not. Some can feel our love. Some cannot. If you cannot, if you do not, you may be holding yourself closed. This is not something you do knowingly or purposely. It has more to do…

Message From the Angels 50321

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of listening to the wind. We are using ‘wind’ as both literal and as a metaphor. We will explain. Let us say you are outside, enjoying nature. You may be on a walk, you may be on a bike ride, you may be sitting and just enjoying. This…

Message From the Angels 41221

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of lending a helping hand. When you see someone in need, lend a helping hand if you can. It may seem like a small thing to you and for the other, it may the perfect thing. If you see someone who has their hands full, help carry their…

Message From the Angels 20821

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today is a new day. Each day is a new and fresh experience. Are you allowing yourself to make the most of it? Today we would like to share an exercise you can do that will not only help you make the most of each moment and each day, but also to share…

Message From the Angels 10421

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of endings and beginnings. The first few days of a new year seems like a perfect time. Each day there are new beginnings as well as endings. Endings may frighten some while others are looking forward to the ending. New beginnings may fill some with excitement and some…

Message From the Angels 122120

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of your expansiveness. Each day, you are expanding to more light than you were the day before. The more light you breathe into your heart, your lungs, your soul, the more expansive you become. The more expansive you are, the more light you are able to breathe in….

Message From the Angels 92820

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of holding your peace. We have spoken of peace before, yet ‘holding your peace’ is a bit different. First and foremost is to get to a space of feeling your peace, feeling your calm, feeling your love, feeling your Divine presence within. Once you feel that, that is…

Message From the Angels 90720

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of ‘be open to the possibilities’ that are before you, seen and unseen. In each moment, there are new possibilities that are before you. Some may seem obvious and others go unnoticed. The ones that are obvious comes down to your choice, at this moment in time. Each…

Message From the Angels 80320

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak about basking in the love. Yes, we have touched on this many times before and yet we would like to bring your focus to this, once again. The loving support that is around you, both seen and unseen, all the time. It is a matter of you turning…

Message From the Angels 72720

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, We walk with you every day. We stand with you in every way. We are here for you, now. We are here for you, always. We cheer for you. We love you today. We will love you tomorrow. We love you, always and forever. ~ Your Angels ~ Angel Blessings to you. Sue…