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Message From the Angels 73018

Angel Wings

follow url This morning I was sitting out in the AZ room having my coffee. It was still early enough that it wasn’t too warm out there. It was coming to me that for today’s blog it really needed to be about breathing in love and joy and all the wonderful things — even and especially when…

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Message From the Angels 72318

Angel Wings

go This week I’ve been reminded, a couple of times and in a couple of different ways, how precious our time is while we are here. We get busy in our lives and with what is on our plates. We may not reach out to others for a variety of reasons or we may not always…

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Message From the Angels 52818

Angel Wings Dear Ones, We are all one. We are all connected. Imagine you are standing in a circle of friends. You are holding hands with your arms extended out, almost even with your shoulders. What happens if someone is to start, gently, moving from side to side? They move first, left, then right, then back to…

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Message From the Angels 52118

Angel Wings

see url Dear Ones, We know you know this, however, we feel you need to hear this another time. We love you and we want to be involved in your lives – every day, for the mundane things too, not just when there’s an issue or a problem or drama or crisis. Yes, we love to offer…

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Message From the Angels 31218

go here Dear Ones, Today we speak of listen to the in between.  When you breathe out, there is a space in between that breath and the next breath in. Just as there is the slightest pause from when you breathe in until you start your exhale. That is the in between we are referring about. First…

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Message From the Angels 30518

go here Dear Ones, Today we speak of caring and sharing. When someone in your life does something caring for you, do you share it with others? Do you let others in on their kindness and pass on the word? Sharing is an understated form of love, gratitude and appreciation. When you care and then share, it… Continue Reading »

Message From the Angels 10818

Dear Ones, Today we speak of ‘looking beyond.’ This is a topic we have spoken of before and yet we feel it is a topic to discuss again. This time we would like to give you an experience that will assist you with looking beyond. To start this, think of a situation. Whether the situation…

Message From the Angels 10118

Dear Ones, Today we speak of ‘concern for others.’  There are many things going on in your world. Some of them you can do something about and offer your support such as things going on your own community. If there is a food drive or a pantry drive, you can donate things. There may be…

Message From the Angels 110617

See the Abundance is an exercise Dana Wilde, Author of Train your Brain, does and reminds all of her ‘Brain Trainers’ to do. Today the Angels have been saying this over and over in my head. Dear Ones, Today we speak of abundance. See the abundance Dear Ones. When you focus on the magnificence that…

Message From the Angels 103017

  Dear Ones, Today we would like to offer you an experience. We see there are many who feel alone or feel as though you do not have anyone to turn to in a time of need or in times when you would just like to share a thought or an experience you just had….