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Full Moon Last night was the full moon and a partial lunar eclipse. We couldn't see it in the states but that doesn't mean we didn't feel the effects.  Full moons are beautiful. The effects will be different for everyone, but they do say there is many more arrests and more activity in emergency rooms on the… Continue Reading »

Rush, Rush, Stop!

propecia vellus hairs Howdy Peeps! It seems like there is always some reason to rush around, to hurry and do this and hurry up and go here. And then speed up to get this completed. I've been rushing around lately, trying to get this done or that done. I feel a bit scattered. So I just stop. If you… Continue Reading »

Intention Howdy Peeps! I was guided to come to one of my favorite places to eat, have a cup of coffee and write today's blog. It wasn't raining when I decided to leave, but that's OK. It's still warm and I have a raincoat. 🙂 Before I get into the topic of intention today, I want… Continue Reading »