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Message From the Angels 62920

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of ‘bask in the love.’ You will always have loving support around you. There are times when more may come in due to a particular rough patch you may be going through or it may be because you have requested extra support. You are always supported. Today we would like…

Message From the Angels 61520

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of an open heart, in a different way than we have in the past. We would like you to get into a comfortable space and allow your body to get very relaxed. Use your own technique to get there. Once you are very relaxed, please set the intention…

Message From the Angels 52520

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we would like you to use your imaginations as we would like to take you on a journey. Get yourself centered and relaxed by taking a couple of deep breaths. Whenever you are ready, close your eyes. Imagine you are floating in space. You are not in your body, and yet you…

Message From the Angels 51820


Dear Ones, Clear your head Dear Ones. Yes, you heard that correctly. We said, clear your head. There is more information that floats around your head, and your world, than ever before. Some of you are feeling as though you are being pulled in so many directions — all at the same time. We see…

Message From the Angels 51120

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of blessings! We ask each of you to think of all the blessings you have in your life, today, right now. Create a list if that is easier for you. Now we ask you to think of the blessings you have had in your life over the last week, and…

Message From the Angels 50420

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of love. We have said this before and we will continue to mention it in different ways as more and more of you are waking up to the love you are. Love is the answer. Love is the key. Love is what makes the world go round. Love is all…

Message From the Angels 42720

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of being kind. This sounds so very simple and for some it is. For others, it is not. Being kind does not mean you have to go out of your way to do or be anything. Being kind is about doing what is at your core, deep in your heart….

Message From the Angels 42020

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of looking at the true you. In the world you are living in now, there is much unearthing, much revealing about things that have been hidden. You may be getting glimpses and some may be delving much deeper. Each of you is on your own journey. During this time, it…

Message From the Angels 40620

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak about vibration — your vibration and how to raise it and keep it raised. You are living in interesting times. Your vibration is important for you and is also important as to what you are contributing to the collective. There are many ways to raise your vibration. You…

Message From the Angels 33020

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of imagination. We ask you, what kind of world would you wish to live in? What would make your world perfect for you? Take a moment to think about this. Below are some items you may wish to have on your list. Would you like your world to: feel safe…