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Message From the Angels 122319

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of remembering. There are several layers to remembering. Remember who you are. Remember your light within, shine it bright and share it with others. Remember those you love — family, friends and others. Tell them you love them when you can. If they are here in the physical, tell them….

Message From the Angels 120919

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, There are still so many of you who are in need of clearing your energy. We have spoken of this many times. Today, we will give you some additional ideas to assist. For each of these clearing methods, please find yourself in a comfortable position with no disturbances for a few moments. Take…

Message From the Angels 120219

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, This time of year, for many, bring up so many experiences and memories. Some you may feel are good and others not so good. We are not putting any judgements on them. They are just experiences and memories. There are many beliefs that are also associate with this time of year. Again, they…

Message From the Angels 111819

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak about moving forward, one step at a time with a leap now and again. We are with you every step and every leap of the way. There are times when you may feel as if there is no progress being made or life is moving way too slow…

Message From the Angels 111119

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of love. This is why you came to this Earth School you know, to learn more about love. When you love someone who does harmful things, you are not saying you love what they did or are doing. You love the soul they are, the spirit they are…

Message From the Angels 102819

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, You are all undergoing your own transformations so this is what we would like to speak of this week. Each of you experiences life in your own way. Even when there are several or even many who are seeing or feeling or hearing the same thing, you each experience and perceive it in…

Message From the Angels 102119

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we would like you to experience a couple of things. Close your eyes and notice all the sounds that are going on around you.  Are they inside noises or outside / nature noises?  Pick one of the sounds and focus on that for a moment. Is there a rhythm to it?  As…

Message From the Angels 101419

Angel Wings

As you may know, I have a couple of decks of cards that I’ve created. The first deck, The Desert Speaks Oracle Deck, started as beautiful pictures that I had taken while living in Green Valley and they turned into a wonderful deck for inspiration, guidance as well as some tools to keep you grounded…

Message From the Angels 100719

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of “you being who you were meant to be.” Each and every one of you is a very important piece of the puzzle of this huge universe. Each of you came here to play your part, to play your role and learn the things you signed up to…

Message From the Angels 93019

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we would like to let you know there is always help when you need it, from the spirit world and from your human world. It does not matter what is going on in your life, it does not matter how low or down you may feel you are. There is always someone…