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Message From the Angels 61914 Dear Ones, Connecting to Source every day will be most beneficial. You can do this in the moment, or in a meditation, or both. This is a focused connection. If you imagine you are stretching and expanding and opening, as much as you can, up and out as if you’re reaching for the sun. And… Continue Reading »

Be Open To Receive   One was sitting on the bench enjoying the sunny day with the warm breezes. Along comes a couple of friends and their conversation of earlier continues.   Somewhere along the way a stranger comes to sit on the bench as well. And soon they are no longer a stranger. They all share of things… Continue Reading »

Hearts Everywhere

viagra generico miglior prezzo pagamento online a Bologna   What do you think of when you see a heart? Do you think of someone you care about or Valentine’s Day or don't even take notice?   When I see a heart, it generally makes me smile. And when I see a heart in nature, I definitely smile. It warms my heart.    It…

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