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Message From the Angels 12915

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico spedizione veloce a Torino Dear Ones,   There is much going on all around each of you. When you start to feel overwhelmed with it all, it starts with you to get the ‘calm back’.   Everything starts with you. If there is craziness going on around you, you may be feeling a bit crazy. If there is rushing,…

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Message From the Angels 121114

using lasix sortness of breath Dear Ones,   During this season, this time of year, many of you take on more stress than usual.    More parties to go to, out of town guests arriving, extra things to take care of and more places to have a plate of food to take. These are all things that add to your… Continue Reading »

Message From the Angels 102314

watch Dear Ones,   You are in a time of great expansion. There is so much love coming into the planet and into your beings, into your hearts right now. How to integrate it into your being and hold it as long as you can – that is the question. The integration allows the holding of… Continue Reading »

Message From the Angels 82114

medical information regarding accutane side effects Dear Ones,   Today we speak of rhythm. There is a rhythm to you as humans, there is a rhythm to nature, to Gaia, to the animal kingdom, to the oceans.   When you are in rhythm, you are moving with the flow. The times you feel you are getting knocked against the waves or… Continue Reading »


go to link I was recently at a fair in Scottsdale doing readings. One of the cards which came up at least three times throughout the day was Breathe.   You may be thinking we just breathe automatically, without even thinking. That is true. There is air going in and out and we really don’t need to give… Continue Reading »

Message From the Angels 73114 ​ Dear Ones,   Today we speak of trust.        Trust in yourself    Trust in your intuition    Trust in your skills    Trust in the Divine    Trust where you are going    Trust where you have been    Trust in who you are becoming    Trust you are loved  …

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I’m in Heaven

I was out on the front porch this afternoon with Max, our outside cat. He likes it when I come and enjoy the sun and sit with him for awhile. He and I are buddies.   He lays next to me and loves to be scratched and pet and talked with (and many times he…

No Drama Please

Do you know people who have one big drama or one crisis after another in their lives? They could take a calm situation and turn it into a 3-part docu-drama series event. Or maybe it is their ‘normal’ to have many events that are filled with emotion or circumstances that seem to get blown way…

Tears of Emotion

There are tears of joy and there are tears of sorrow. Both are emotions we as humans have come here to experience. This is not to say these are the only two emotions which bring tears.   As I’ve said to others and I remind myself now and again, emotions are meant to be in-motion…

The Time Is Now

  The time is now. This is a true statement, no matter what time it is. It is always ‘now’. And the time is now!   Time for what you may be asking? Well, that would be up to you now wouldn’t it? We are all on a path of our own making, our very…