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Message From the Angels 111314

lasix generic online Dear Ones,   Today we speak of ‘balance’. You may think of being ‘in balance’ as being grounded or being centered. These are all good terms.   Being balanced is a beneficial thing for you. You may feel we are saying to have the right balance of work, play, home, eat, sleep, etc. These are…

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Message From the Angels 61914

follow Dear Ones, Connecting to Source every day will be most beneficial. You can do this in the moment, or in a meditation, or both. This is a focused connection. If you imagine you are stretching and expanding and opening, as much as you can, up and out as if you’re reaching for the sun. And… Continue Reading »

Some Like It Hot

generic viagra online Howdy Peeps! This may seem like a strange title, but it was what I am guided to write about. And I knew this photo just had to go with it. I took it Sunday morning at a friend's. The flower itself is not even an inch across but it's got enough color to really pop… Continue Reading »