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Message From the Angels 82814

canadian levitra mail no prescription Dear Ones,   In the still of the morning, when you feel you are alone, you may feel the brush of an Angel’s wings or hear the flutter or feel a slight breeze on your cheek. Allow your mind to let go and hear what is in your heart. That is our whispers.   We…

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Message From the Angels 71714   Dear Ones,   Please allow us to assist you, if you are open and willing. Ask us to:   Release what does not belong to you. Emotions that come on suddenly, for no apparent reason many times are not yours. This may happen after going to a crowded place or even when driving down…

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Have Confidence

source url For the UBC, I decided to make Sundays for the month of April, Angel Card Sundays. This means I’ll be pulling a card for us to focus on during the week. If you are reading this another day of the week, it’s OK. It still applies. That’s the awesome thing about Angels and their messages. They…

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Sense of Humor

see Happy New Year everyone! I’m currently taking a certification class (more on that in future blogs). In honor of the class as well as looking for what can be released this last day of 2012, I pulled a card from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards*.   The card I drew is: Sense of Humor  … Continue Reading »