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Message From the Angels 50222

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of gratitude and love and how they both feed your soul and your dreams. If you would imagine with us, that your dreams are a field of seeds that have not yet grown into the beautiful flowers they are. Imagine you have many seeds you have taken the time to…

Message From the Angels 42522

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of the support we offer you. We, your Angels, are always with you. We will not interfere in your free will. We are here to support you — when you call upon us and invite us in. We will do what we can to offer assistance though it…

Message From the Angels 41822

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of, the steps along your way. Humans are so excited and joyful and sometimes stressed out and anxious about reaching your destination. We are here to tell you, to enjoy the steps along the way. There may be days, there may be moments when it seems like you’d…

Message From the Angels 41122

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of being present. Yes, this is a topic we have discussed before and yet we feel it is valuable for you to bring up again. Being present, in this present moment, is the key, where the secret sauce is, as some may say. It is important to release…

Message From the Angels 40422

Angel Wings

Today’s blog is a little different than the norm. It was clear today while doing the weekly Angel Card reading that the theme right now is about clearing energy — your own, mentally and spiritually, and the space you are in, your physical space. I decided to pull on some past blogs from the Angels…

Message From the Angels 32822

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of allow / allowing. We have spoken of this in the past and today we would like to walk you through an exercise that may assist you in being more open to allowing. We know you do not stop the allowing on purpose. The more clear and the higher your vibration…

Message From the Angels 32122

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of each of you, awakening to your power within. Some of you are aware of how powerful you are and others are just awakening to who you truly are. Everyone is on their own path, moving at their own pace. Believing in yourself is where to start. Believing…

Message From the Angels 31422

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we would like to talk about perspective and focus. Imagine you are taking any worries you have, any frustrations you have, anything that has been triggering you and set them all out in your backyard. You can place it in a jar or container or just set it right on the ground….

Message From the Angels 30722

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of raising your vibration, in a most interesting way. Everyone knows what the sun is, what the sun looks like, what the warmth of the sun feels like. Each of you reading this know exactly what we are referring to. Find yourself a quiet spot where you can…

Message From the Angels 22822

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of releasing what no longer serves you. We have spoken of this before as well. This is happening each and every day to each of you as well as to Mother Earth. It does happen on a subconscious level and it is also very beneficial for you to do on…