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Message From the Angels 10115 Dear Ones,   Today we speak of new beginnings… You most likely are thinking along those lines already, so it is much easier for us to go to a deeper level with you.   Each day, each hour, each moment, is a new beginning.    What is behind you, what you see as your past,…

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Big, Happy Changes

prednisone dosage less than 5 mg I thought I would pull a card for today’s blog. What a perfect card for the last few days of 2014 ~ Big, Happy Changes*.   I’m sure we have all experienced changes that weren’t exactly what we wanted or were expecting. That’s OK, as things always have a way of working out.   This…

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Message From the Angels 120414 Dear Ones,   Today we speak of empathy. Empathy is when you pick up on others’ feelings and emotions. You many times do this and don’t even realize it.   This is a time of the year you may want to increase what you do to not pick up everyone else's emotions. it is increased… Continue Reading »