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Message From the Angels 111620

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to give each of you a challenge. You can do the challenge for 10 minutes, an hour, a day, a week, or for the rest of your lifetime. It is entirely up to you. This challenge we speak of is this. Whenever you feel yourself question another’s actions, ask yourself…

Message From the Angels 110220

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of love and shining your light. These are both of the greatest importance for you and your wonderful planet called Gaia. Each moment of every day, you have a choice. You can choose to shine your light and share the love you are, or not. Most of you,…

Message From the Angels 102620

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of unity. Each of you is so bright as the light you are. You are much stronger and brighter than you give yourself credit. As you are discovering this about yourself, many of you are able to connect with others who are also bright lights. You realize, together,…

Message From the Angels 80320

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak about basking in the love. Yes, we have touched on this many times before and yet we would like to bring your focus to this, once again. The loving support that is around you, both seen and unseen, all the time. It is a matter of you turning…

Message From the Angels 72720

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, We walk with you every day. We stand with you in every way. We are here for you, now. We are here for you, always. We cheer for you. We love you today. We will love you tomorrow. We love you, always and forever. ~ Your Angels ~ Angel Blessings to you. Sue…

Message From the Angels 72020

Angel Wings

A question popped into my mind Sunday morning, with all that is being revealed and coming to light in our world today. It sounded like a perfect question to ask the Angels: What if ‘my truth’ is based on ‘lies’ or ‘false beliefs.’ Message From the Angels 72020 Dear Ones, This is an excellent question….

Message From the Angels 70620

Dear Ones, Today we wish to ask you a question. What brings you joy? It’s so important in your life, and in your evolution, to have joy and to do things that bring you joy. Joy will raise your vibration and allow you to elevate your energy. When your energy is high and your vibration…

Message From the Angels 62920

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of ‘bask in the love.’ You will always have loving support around you. There are times when more may come in due to a particular rough patch you may be going through or it may be because you have requested extra support. You are always supported. Today we would like…

Message From the Angels 60820

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of memories. We have spoken of memories in the past and today we will talk of another aspect. We have spoken of how memories of your Loved Ones are what keeps them alive in your hearts. This is very true and this is also what will help ease your grief…

Message From the Angels 42720

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of being kind. This sounds so very simple and for some it is. For others, it is not. Being kind does not mean you have to go out of your way to do or be anything. Being kind is about doing what is at your core, deep in your heart….