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Message From the Angels 80519

Angel Wings Dear Ones, Today we wish to speak of believing in yourself. We are here with you, supporting you in all you do. We are your cheering section when you need to be cheered on. You may not realize this which is all right, because it’s really you that needs to be your own cheering section…

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Message From the Angels 41519

Angel Wings Dear Ones, Sit back and enjoy the ride! Settle in to who you are. We are right here supporting you every step of the way. You are such a beautiful soul and you need to KNOW that, with every fiber of your being. Too many of you feel you are not worthy or you do…

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Message From the Angels 40819

Angel Wings

click here Dear Ones, Today we would like to remind you “we have your back.” Many of you get yourselves worked up and worried over your day to day lives. We, your Angels, have your back. We do need you to ASK for our assistance and then we will do what we can to assist. One of… Continue Reading »

Message From the Angels 31119

Angel Wings

follow site Dear Ones, Today we speak of inspiration. What is it that brings you inspiration? Are you carving time out of your day to allow for inspiration? Inspiration is something to let grow at its own pace. Having time in your day or week where you are doing something which brings you joy is a wonderful…

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Message From the Angels 21819

Angel Wings

is levitra effective for women Sunday mornings I do a Facebook Live, pulling the cards for the weekly Angel Card reading and then hang out for awhile and pull cards for whoever is asking. One of the weekly cards was “Angel of Love” (Miracle Messages deck by Joan of Angels.  A comment from Stephanie: “Could you please ask our Angels…

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Message From the Angels 20419

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we would like to speak about connection. We speak of the connection to everyone, everything, to the web of life, to all that is. There may be times when you do not feel a part of anything. We would like to gift you with a way to feel connected. The more often…

Message From the Angels 112618

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we would like for you to experience the flow, the flow of energy you are always in. You are a part of the Universe as the Universe is a part of you. When you quiet the mind, even for just a few moments, you are able to tune into and notice the…

Message From the Angels 100118

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we would like you to experience the connection to your soul and to the expansiveness of who you are. Close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths. With each in-breath, fill yourself with Divine love. With each exhale release all which no longer serves you. Do this a couple of times…

Message From the Angels 80618

Angel Wings

Some days there are signs and interactions all seemingly unconnected until you allow Spirit to connect the dots for you. This week, interactions that were starting to annoy me needed a closer look. Why are they annoying me? Stepping back a bit, with curious eyes and an observer position I realized there’s no reason for…

Message From the Angels 60418

Angel Wings

Dear Ones, Today we speak of ‘take 5.’ We know you have so many things which pull you in many different directions. That is the way of the time you live in presently. It does not mean you need to be a part of it. We want you to know you have total control. The…