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Message From the Angels 100118

Angel Wings

go to link Dear Ones, Today we would like you to experience the connection to your soul and to the expansiveness of who you are. Close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths. With each in-breath, fill yourself with Divine love. With each exhale release all which no longer serves you. Do this a couple of times… Continue Reading »

Message From the Angels 80618

Angel Wings

vardenafil generico online italia consegna veloce Some days there are signs and interactions all seemingly unconnected until you allow Spirit to connect the dots for you. This week, interactions that were starting to annoy me needed a closer look. Why are they annoying me? Stepping back a bit, with curious eyes and an observer position I realized there’s no reason for…

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Message From the Angels 60418

Angel Wings Dear Ones, Today we speak of ‘take 5.’ We know you have so many things which pull you in many different directions. That is the way of the time you live in presently. It does not mean you need to be a part of it. We want you to know you have total control. The…

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Message From the Angels 52818

Angel Wings

comprar cialis generico 10 mg Dear Ones, We are all one. We are all connected. Imagine you are standing in a circle of friends. You are holding hands with your arms extended out, almost even with your shoulders. What happens if someone is to start, gently, moving from side to side? They move first, left, then right, then back to…

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Message From the Angels 52118

Angel Wings

enter site Dear Ones, We know you know this, however, we feel you need to hear this another time. We love you and we want to be involved in your lives – every day, for the mundane things too, not just when there’s an issue or a problem or drama or crisis. Yes, we love to offer…

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Message From the Angels 51418

here Dear Ones, Today we would like you to have an experience. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Notice all the things about your body that you can – in the order they catch your attention.  Once you notice the first thing, put all of your attention on it. So for an…

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Message From the Angels 50718

Dear Ones, Today we speak of inspiration. Everyone is unique in what inspires them. We can assist in some ways. The listening part is up to you.  For some of you, going outside in nature clears you of your every day stress and opens you up to inspiration — from the Divine, from us, from…

Message From the Angels 43018

  Dear Ones, Today we would like to speak of healing, in a different way than you may have thought about it before. We are speaking of healing in the general term as well as getting specific. An example are things like: Sending healing to the whole planet Sending healing to a specific person or…

Message From the Angels 32618

Today as I was just starting to tune in to see what the blog would be about I heard the words ‘hold your center.’ It’s an interesting topic as today (I’m writing this on Saturday) it’s quite windy outside so things seem a bit chaotic with the chimes going almost sideways at times, the banging…

Message From the Angels 22618

Dear Ones, So many of you are searching so we thought that’s what we would talk about today. When you are searching, many times you are looking for something outside of yourself. Dear One, it is within, it is all within. Maybe the question is ‘how can you expand what is within’ so there is…