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Message From the Angels 92514

source url Dear Ones,   We have shared this with you in the past, and yet today we feel we must remind you.  You are loved. We are with you every step of your journey. We are here for you when you need us ~ ask. We love you. You are a heavenly being of light, of…

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Hans and Bug

go Howdy Peeps!! Hans and Bug are 2 very good friends. They met a long while ago, when they were in kindergarten. They have been friends ever since. They went to the same high school and college and they stood up for each other when each got married and were friends and confidants through each others… Continue Reading »

Just send Love… Have you ever had a day where you feel great!!! You've been doing positive affirmations every day, and you've been writing in your gratitude journal each morning and again at night. Things are going fantabulous! And then, it's like you walked through a dirt cloud of some kind. It reminds me of Pig Pen from…

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