Book Covers, Journals and Cards Creation

I have recently been having fun working with others to create their own products. What better way than creating your own journal or deck of cards. Books and card decks are another way to share your wisdom with others. It’s another way to shine your light. If you are unsure where to start, I can help.

Cover only for your book. Examples of covers I’ve created:
30 Days of I Am (cover only)

Full Journal (cover and interior pages.) Example:
Enlightened Women ~ Enlightened You Journal
Spread Sunshine Author page (over 120 of my own journals on Amazon)
Sue Broome Author page (journals I’ve created several)

Deck of Cards. After doing two of my own decks, others wanted their own as well. Examples:
Angels Are Everywhere Angelic Oracle Deck (my personal deck)
The Desert Speaks Oracle Deck (my personal deck)
Enlightened Women ~ Enlightened You Cards

Consulting on projects if you are creating your own, is also available.

Contact Sue for specifics and price structure. Each project is unique so prices will vary. Contact at  to set up a 15 minute free consultation.

Have a healing session with Sue if you are nervous about creating a journal, book, or a deck of cards, and putting yourself out into the world that much brighter. Healing session with Sue.