Message From the Angels 21819

Angel Wings

go to site Sunday mornings I do a Facebook Live, pulling the cards for the weekly Angel Card reading and then hang out for awhile and pull cards for whoever is asking. One of the weekly cards was “ see Angel of Love” (Miracle Messages deck by Joan of Angels. 

A comment from Stephanie: “Could you please ask our Angels to help our world reach some peace, and help everyone be respectful of each other, like the “Angel of Love” card …”

Thank you Stephanie!

It really does start with us. Yes, the Angels are absolutely happy to assist, when we ask, and yet, it takes each one of us, doing our part:

  • Being respectful of ourselves and others
  • Feeling and coming from a place of love
  • Feeling the peace within and expanding / sharing it out
  • Being courteous, kind, helpful, with our families, our co-workers, those we meet in the grocery store, those who cut us off on the road

It starts with us. How are we acting? When others see us acting from a place of peace, it may inspire others. When they see you can be kind and respectful in a situation where some would get angry, others may follow suit.

We can all do our part.

here Message From the Angels 21819

source Dear Ones,

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico spedizione veloce a Torino Yes Dear Ones, it does start from within and with each and every one of you. 

get link Allow yourself the time and space to get peaceful yourself before going out. You can do this quickly and easily by taking a couple of deep breaths. Feel peace and love in your core. Allow your body to relax into peace and love.

brand name canadian propecia best buy This can happen very quickly, and the more you practice this, the quicker it will come. When you are feeling peace within, love within, that is the time to go about your day. Imagine peace and love expanding to larger than your physical being. 

follow site Others will feel your energy, will feel more peaceful and have a good feeling and may not know why. That’s OK they don’t know why. Allow the ripple effect of peace and love to start with you, each and every day.

canadian viagra 50mg ~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

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