Message From the Angels 61917


Angel WingsToday as I’m just relaxing into allowing the Angels message to come through, I’m realizing how much things have changed in just the last few weeks, days even.

Does that ever cross your mind? You’re just thinking about the people in your life or the things you do and think – wow, are things different. Not good, not bad, just different.

If you read the comments from last week’s newsletter or saw the notice from Spirit in Motion Expo, you’ll know that I”m moving. I’m not moving far and the spiritual work I’m doing will continue, though things will shift and change and evolve, as they always do.

It just seems more so lately, people are moving on into different directions. I see it as we came together to expand our light and spiritual growth and now each is going in different directions to share with others. Everyone benefits in many ways because all of our lives are enriched.

Look at your life and where have you grown and expanded and shifted and changed and are more today than you were yesterday? Give yourself credit for all of the things that have gone on in your life. We are all ever expanding.

Message From the Angels

Dear Ones,

We are very proud of who you are, who you have become. We know that not every day has been easy and we have been with you through those times. We are always with you and will continue to be so.

Through growth, you expand. Through knowledge and wisdom, you expand. When you have integrated the lesson, you are then able to assist the next person and the next.

You each have your own unique light, your own essence. Sharing your light with others expands not only yourself, but also all of humanity.

We thank you and we love you. Keep your unique light shining. 

We are always here to assist … just ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC

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