Message From the Angels 33020

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

Today we speak of imagination.

We ask you, what kind of world would you wish to live in? What would make your world perfect for you? Take a moment to think about this. Below are some items you may wish to have on your list.

Would you like your world to:

  • feel safe
  • be filled with love
  • have a sense of peace
  • feel compassion
  • have freedom
  • be filled with joy
  • be abundant in health

Your list can be as long or as short as feels right for you. No need to compare with anyone else as this is your list, your perfect world.

Each day, find some time in your day and imagine what this world would feel like. You do not need to know what it will look like, though you may have some ideas. The important piece is the feeling behind it.

Take several minutes each day to do this. Sit quietly or go for a walk in nature — whatever feels best for you. It is the feeling that is key.

Imagine your world into being. Do this every day (at least once) for several minutes. You could also sit quietly with another(s), each with your own list, your own imagined world. Energy is amplified when more than one are gathered.

We will assist you in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.


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