Message From the Angels 101518

Angel Wings

source Dear Ones,

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico spedizione veloce a Torino Today we wish to speak of your connection to the Divine, Spirit, Universe and how to enhance and expand it.

get link This connection is not just for a few people, this is for each and every one of you. Yes, YOU have your own special connection to Spirit. here This connection is always there. There is never a time, nor will there ever be a time, when you are not connected.

brand name canadian propecia best buy Some of you do not feel the connection as much as you would like. This is for many reasons, some of which may be the busy life you as humans tend to have. We would like to assist you with expanding this connection. We know, when each of you feel your own connection, it helps you in your day and it helps those around you.

follow site The steps are easy to follow, simple actually. It only takes a few moments of your day and when you do this, you will begin to feel the connection more and more. You will also start to realize how much more, in the flow, you feel with your life in general.

    • Sit down and close your eyes.
    • Take a couple of deep breaths, feeling your body relax more and more with each exhale.
    • Settle in to being aware of your breath, just noticing it.
    • Imagine you feel a flow of energy coming in through the top of your head. As you are focusing on it, feel the love, feel the calm presence. Feel this energy merging with your breath, still not changing it, just noticing.
    • The more you are imagining the feeling of love and calm, the see more you know it is your connection to the Divine.
    • With each breath you feel the connection to the Divine strengthen as it flows through your body.
      • You may have colors, emotions, pictures, sounds, coming to you. Just notice them.
    • With each breath you feel the connection to the Divine expand to ideas and realizations which were not there before.
    • With each breath, you know your connection to the Divine strengthens and expands.
    • Imagine you are bringing this connection all through your entire body, from your head to your toes.
    • Allow your focus to be with this feeling as long as you would like.
    • When you are ready, imagine you have tree roots growing from the bottom of your feet, deep down into Mother Earth. If you’d like, find a crystal and wrap around them.
    • Open your eyes. You may notice you feel much brighter, lighter, joyful, happy or you may notice you have a new sense of calm as you go about your day. Enjoy this feeling. Do this process every day for a few moments. If you want, you could do it multiple times in a day. ~ Your Angels ~ Related blogs:

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC

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