You Are A Beautiful Light Being


This message came from the 3 Beautiful Light Beings of the Emissaries. I know this message was for everyone, not just me…


We are here Dear One.


You are also a beautiful light being. We are a reflection as you are a reflection. We are all reflections of each other – shining our bright lights on each other, helping us to see the beauty within ourselves. It is easier for many to see the beauty in others before they see it in themselves.


Hold up the mirror. Look in the mirror. Yes, it is a 2-way street.


When you see the beauty in another, acknowledge it within yourself, even just a little. This goes for the shadow as well. When you have judgement on another, there is a part of you with that same judgement toward yourself. Look at it from the observer perspective and see how you can shift the judgement within and watch how it changes in your outside world.


Whenever you are pointing fingers, whenever you are judging, whenever you are giving praise, whenever you are in awe – of another – these are all things to look within, look at yourself for all of these qualities as well.


We all are everything. We look at things different and with varying degrees of  awe or annoyance because we are each learning on our unique journeys. So things may shine brighter to others than to you and vice-versa. 

  • When you pay a compliment to another, look within and see where this compliment also applies to yourself.
  • When you are disgusted with another, look within and see what area of your life you may be disgusted with.
  • When you see beauty in Mother Nature, look within and notice where you are beautiful.
  • When you are judging another for their attitude, look to see where you may need an attitude adjustment.
  • When you realize the extent you care for another, look within and realize the depth of love you have for yourself, that you may not have noticed before.

How do you shift the inner judgements? I say inner, because as you shift your inner perspective, your outer world will follow suit. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Thank the universe for bringing the judgement to your attention
  • Imagine all the emotions connected to this judgement being released to the Angels:

    • In a breath you fiercely blow out
    • In a balloon of whatever color your prefer
    • In a yell or a scream
    • In a journal entry
    • By writing a post-it and freezing it in a small dixie cup filled with water
  • Surround the judgement and yourself (and the other) with love
  • Breathe in love to every cell of your body

You are a beautiful being of love and light. The more you remember this of yourself, the more you see this within yourself, the more you will notice it in others and bring other beautiful beings of love and light into your life.


That is all. 


3 Beautiful Light Beings of the Emissaries


The song coming to me is ‘This Little Light of Mine’. Here’s an awesome version: Addison Road – This Little Light Of Mine Music Video. Enjoy.


Angel Blessings to you.



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2 Responses to You Are A Beautiful Light Being
  1. Sandra Nicole Concepcion
    July 8, 2013 | 10:16 am

    I love your website Sue! I love this message channeled through you.

    It is neat how all channels draw from the same Source of Light, yet have various gifts. I don't hear the Archangels or Angels often, or encounters, may never be my path.

    I enjoy this is part of your path! I enjoy reading about it and will share it. Thank you for your gifts and sharing selflessly! You are so loved and blessed!

    Lots of love, Sandra xoxo

    • Susanne Broome
      July 8, 2013 | 10:27 am

      Thank you Sandra! I appreciate your comments and I appreciate your gifts as well.

      Yes, some days it even seems like the messages I receive are similar to the day before, but it’s also those messages that I really need to listen to!

      Angel Blessings & many hugs to you Sandra!


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