Archangel Raphael

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I was drawn (no pun intended – ha!) to draw an Angel Card from the Angel Therapy deck* for today’s blog. Archangel Raphael is known as the supreme healer within the angelic realm. His name means ‘God heals’.


Archangel Raphael is here to remind all of us, to call upon him when we need.


Healing does not necessarily mean that some physical ailment will suddenly disappear. There are many times when the ‘healing’ work Archangel Raphael does is on another level. 


It may be the healing is on the spiritual level, or maybe the healing is within the emotional level. It could be there is healing within old beliefs you have, that really no longer apply. Archangel Raphael is here to help, no matter what needs healing. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’m sure I’ll repeat it in the future – all you need to do is ASK!!


If you have something, anything, on any level or on multiple levels, that needs healing, call upon Archangel Raphael for assistance.


Archangel Raphael,

Please surround me with your loving and healing emerald green light. 


Imagine this loving energy around you, above you, below you and within you. You may feel a warm sensation or maybe even a tingling. Allow Archangel Raphael to work. When it feels complete, thank Archangel Raphael for his help. Know that the healing has occurred.


You can also call upon Archangel Raphael when you have a friend or family member who needs his help.


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC



*by Doreen Virtue


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