Angelic Healing Circle of Light

Angel Wings

Angelic Healing Circle of Light

The Angels have asked that I gather people together for an Angelic Healing Circle of Light. We can do so much together, helping ourselves and helping each other. Each Healing Circle will be different due to the timing and who joins. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 Angelic Healing Circles of Light

An Angelic Healing Circle of Light is a beautiful way to bring people together, to experience the love and the healing with the Angels and love & expansion from the Universe and beyond. When we gather in healing circles, yes, healing happens, for us and for the collective and also expansion happens, for us and the collective.

The focus for this healing circle will be:

    • release what no longer serves us
    • denounce & reclaim others’ ‘control’
    • forgive ourselves 
    • love ourselves & our light

Investment: $22

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020 Angelic Healing Circles of Light

When: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 3pm AZ (6pm ET / 5pm CT / 4pm MT / 3pm PT)
Investment: $22

The Angels will be working with us to:

  • examine and clear our fears of where we are and where we are going
  • help focus on where we would like to go
  • help see the beautiful lights we all are

Please join Sue and the Angels for an Angelic Healing Circle of Light. If you know others who would benefit, please let them know as well so they can get signed up. 

The Angels are recommending we are together for an hour.

When groups come together and express what each is going through or emotions that may be coming up for them, it is amazing how others may be experiencing the same thing in their life. When one clears, discovers, or uncovers something for themselves, it may nudge similar memories or experiences in others. With the Angels, setting the intention of love, healing happens. Together we will look at, clear, and move into a place of love for our now and for our future.


Note, at this time, healing circles will be recorded and available for those who attended. If you did not attend, you are still able to purchase the recordings.