Along your path

Hello Everyone,

What signs do you see along your path, along your day to day journey of life?  What do you notice and what goes on unnoticed as you go about your day.

Take walking into the store for your morning cup of coffee as an example.  Do you notice who's around you?  Do you see if the person just behind you looks happy or sad?  Do you notice if the sales clerk is friendly or not so friendly?

How many people do you think notice you?  Would they know if you didn't come into the store tomorrow, or the next day or the next?  Would you notice if they didn't return?

Start to notice.  Look at the person in front of you or behind you and smile.  Maybe that's what they needed.  Look at the sales clerk and say 'Good Morning, how are you?' and smile. You may get a smile back.

Did you notice whether the sun was shining today?  Or was it raining?  Did you notice the school bus on the way to work?

Right now, look around.  What's in front of you and around you, who's in front of you or around you?

Tomorrow start your day noticing who's in the store when you get your coffee.  See what happens if you say good morning to the people in line with you.

As you're walking in the parking garage or the hallway at work, notice the people coming the other direction and smile or nod a 'hello'.

Here's what I saw along my path today. I saw the rain coming down hard enough the kids across the street were using their umbrellas this morning to stay dry.  I saw the trees blowing back and forth from the wind though now it's more of a gentle breeze.  And I saw the sun shining through the clouds every once in a while just to show us it's still here.

I saw the bright smiling faces of several friends today – you know who you are!!

Yesterday I saw the most beautiful rainbow on my hallway wall.  Upon investigating just where it was coming from found it was coming from the living room, reflecting in the mirror in the hallway and then displaying beautifully on the wall.

I notice Angels along the way and I see them around me now.  They join me as I walk along my path. Start to notice who and what is along your path.

Angel Blessings to you.


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  1. Shanon Faulkenberry
    November 23, 2011 | 12:25 pm

    Hey guys! Does anyone know where I can read more blogs on this topic?

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