Affirmations & Control

Happy Tuesday Peeps!!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, on the blog, Facebook, cards, e-cards, in person. I had a fantabulous day – friends and food and birthday wishes everywhere!! It was awesome!

How is the 21 Day Challenge going? I have gotten a bit of feedback – affirmations that some of you are using. AWESOME!!!

Here is my affirmation for all of you: Everyone is seeing positive results and having wonderful days through their use of positive affirmations! 🙂

Affirmations and Control – they seem an unlikely pair. But who has control over your thoughts, your affirmations?

That's right – you do!

You may say or think things like – "they said… and it made me feel…" (I know I have).

Well, let's take back control over our thoughts and affirmations. Right now! Today!

So as we talked about in the 21 Day Challenge – stop, reframe it in a positive way before you head into a downward spiral of negativity.

I read something over the weekend which may help put it into perspective. 90 seconds is all it takes. 90 seconds for what? This is what Jill Bolte-Taylor says: "Within 90 seconds from the initial trigger, the chemical component of my anger has completely dissipated from my blood and my automatic response is over."

Jill Bolte-Taylor is a brain scientist who had a blood vessel explode in her brain in 1996 and authored the book, My Stroke of Insight to talk about it.

So, if someone throughout your day 'makes' you angry, or upset, turn it around with something positive. Or you can turn the control over to them and continue to think about how angry you are, tell other people how angry you are and relive the anger over and over and over – way past the 90 seconds it took for the anger to actually dissipate from your blood.

My vote is, I'm going to turn this into something positive. I'm taking back control.

What may have happened: Someone took your idea and ran with it. 
Affirmation: Many great ideas come to me every day. Thank you. 

What may have happened: Someone's child is screaming in the store.
Affirmation: My hearing is wonderful and I easily hear that child. I am grateful.

You're thinking about: How angry you are about the person who pulled in front of you on the highway.
Affirmation: Thank you for me 'catching' this negative thought. I think positive thoughts now – I surround myself with wonderful and caring drivers.

These may sound way too simple to do, but again I challenge you to look at what you are thinking and saying. Are they all positive? If not, do the challenge.

Here's a re-cap of the challenge:

When you find yourself saying (or thinking) a negative affirmation, stop, turn it around. Say a positive affirmation right then and repeat it a couple of times.

Here’s an example:

I hate the drive I have to get to work. (negative)

>> Stop <<

I enjoy my leisurely drive to and from the office. The drivers who surround me are courteous and thoughtful. (positive).

Affirmations are the foundation of how we live each day! Do you tell your child or spouse – go have a crappy day at school or the office? I wouldn't think so… You probably say something like: Go have yourself a stupendous and amazing day!!! I know I will! 🙂

Angel Blessings to you.


PSA The Universe loves me and all is well!

2 Responses to Affirmations & Control
  1. Jaya
    October 25, 2011 | 6:04 pm

    Wonderful blog, Sue!

  2. Patty Penner
    October 28, 2011 | 6:53 am

    I used to do a lot more work with affirmations so am grateful for the reminder Sue. I am doing EFT with an EFT coach right now Maybe doing tapping while saying the affirmation would set it into your system more solidly also. Will do some and see.